My Hair’s Gone Bad …and More

my hair's gone bad“My Hair’s Gone Bad” by Natalie Daise

Natalie Daise exhibits her creativity through storytelling, writing, speaking and through mixed media. Her visual art might be seen on a wood panel, on a wall cabinet, a piece of furniture or almost anything imaginable. She is featured in an exhibit at Green Herring Art & Framing in Beaufort, SC March 15 – April 4. Contact Hank Herring for exhibit details: 843.812-6496.

waxwing 1 by natalie daise

Her newest paintings include the following series:

March on Washington 63

“March on Washington ’63” by Natalie Daise

ain't gonna let nobody turn me roun

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Roun” by Natalie Daise

hand over hand

“Hand Over Hand” by Natalie Daise

Learn more about her dramatic performances, storytelling programs, workshops and speaking. Scan for her complete profile page.

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