Speaker Training

We offer private training programs for new speakers, critique for established presenters, seminar development for busy professionals seeking new material and consultation for anyone needing to develop their public speaking skills.

Contact us to schedule your private and personalized video, telephone or online consultation or to develop onsite training classes for yourself or for a group at your location.

You may also request membership information to join our group for your own ongoing individual and private online training program.

Our experience includes college degrees, college teaching, national certification and more than 20 years of successful public speaking internationally, seminar development, coaching and consultation for professionals including speakers, trainers, authors and executives in non-profit organizations and small businesses.

We also offer business planning and marketing consultation for developing branding, content strategy and social media management for professionals including speakers, entertainers, artists, authors and business managers.

Contact us by clicking the link to email  to request information. FREE initial 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss the most appropriate program for you.

Coaching for speakers is a special offer of our private professional development tip sheet emailed directly to you each week. This is the simplest and least expensive coaching available! If you are just beginning your speaking career, these are things you need to know to ensure your success. If you are a seasoned speaker, you can improve your performance with this ongoing support and these important reminders of your audience’s needs and interests. If you are not a native English speaker, this will be especially helpful for your smooth use of English terms and understanding customs. Choose your most convenient payment method below and get ready for your new confidence level to boost your speaking performance. Be assured that you can cancel anytime if you are too busy for our emails or when you believe you have learned it all. Subscribe now with your email address for PayPal billing to enroll in

Speak Easy!

Speak Easy Payment options
Option 1 : $1.99 USD – weekly  Option 2 : $5.99 USD – monthly

Option 3 : $49.99 USD – yearly

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