Grammar Training

We offer Grammar for Grownups which is an ongoing email lesson to improve your speaking or writing. Each week you will receive a tip to help correct the most misused terms. This is helpful for writers or professional speakers, even journalists who may have mastered the content development but not the grammar. It’s also useful for anyone who would like to feel more sure of being correct in every conversation, whether with an employer (or interviewer), the public or your friends.

Subscribe here now with your email address for easy and safe PayPal invoicing and plan for a new confidence level without additional editing of your written work being required and without embarrassing mistakes when you are speaking professionally or in regular individual conversation. Don’t worry! You can unsubscribe anytime if you find it no longer useful. But we promise that you’re going to benefit from it. It costs less than a cup of coffee once a week! Isn’t it worth a buck to be sure you are speaking correctly!

If you are interested in more than one subscription for training, such as the speaker training as well as this grammar program, ask us about a bundle deal to save.

Grammar for Grownups Payment options:
Option 1 : $1.99 USD – weekly
Option 2 : $6.50 USD – monthly
Option 3 : $70.00 USD – yearly