Speaker Membership

Our Speakers International Membership program offers your opportunity to become part of an impressive group of successful professionals who make their living presenting in front of thousands of people. Choose any or all of the following benefits which are sure to step up your standing more than your own self-marketing program.

*listing with your name, topic and photo on our member speaker page on Speakers International site
*optional introduction with full page post about you on Speakers International blog
*optional guest blog post you may contribute once during each membership year
*monthly tips via email to support your professional development as a beginning speaker or a seasoned professional
*access to additional professional critique of your speaking performance (additional charge)
*personal telephone or private online coaching (additional charge)

Subscribe now with one easy email and be billed via PayPal to enroll in Speakers International! Only $1195 for a full year of benefits. After subscription, we will ask you to submit your complete contact information.

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