Reviewing The Brighter the Light

The Brighter the Light by Mary Ellen Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Better all the time!

Mary Ellen Taylor never disappoints, and she really continues to interest readers with detailed quality writing. I’m familiar with her North Carolina settings and can easily fit myself into her stories, including the surfacing shipwreck remains and the clearing out of a family home.

The dual timelines are not usually my choice, but it’s transitioned clearly from 2022 back through family history to 1950, and it’s also helpful to have each chapter labeled with its main character.

You’ll be glad to get into this book and won’t want to put it down until finished.

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Reviewing Don’t Look Now

Mary Burton gets better with each new book. “Don’t Look Now” is due for release in September 2021, and you want to grab it quick. It’s a suspenseful story of a deranged killer and the detective work to stop him. The details are a bit rough and frightening, so only read it if you can bear the sex, drugs and squeamish parts.

The talented homicide detective does not want to turn lose of a case that she’s determined to solve. The Texas ranger does not want to take the case away from her either. How can a detective work after she’s blinded by an injury? How can she stop working when this killer needs to be found. All of their talents are needed to save the lives of the detective and her sister while putting down the deranged sadistic criminal.

We knew who the killer was, maybe, but did we really guess it?

Reviewing The Hangman

The Hangman (The Forgotten Files #3)The Hangman by Mary Burton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mary Burton never disappoints. She’s getting better all the time. The Hangman is a compelling page-turner with dark and complex danger plus a touch of romance. Although I thought I could solve the mystery of identifying the hangman, it still kept me guessing until the surprise ending. Don’t miss this one!

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Daughter of Holocaust and Atomic Bomb Survivors Speaking throughout Florida

Meant to beRoslyn Franken, inspirational speaker and author of Meant to Be: A True Story of Might, Miracles and Triumph of the Human Spirit, delivers her multi-media program with the powerful true story of her Jewish parents surviving and finding love against all odds. She is now touring Florida and scheduling throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Upcoming events are

  • March 21 at 7pm ,  West St. Petersburg Community Library at Petersburg College,             6700 Eighth Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL
  • April 20 at 7:30 pm at the University of Tampa Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values, 601 Frederic H. Spaulding Dr., Tampa, FL

All events are free and open to the public to attend. Book signings will follow each  presentation. Her books are available on Amazon, and a limited number of autographed books are available at the Florida Holocaust Museum gift shop in St. Petersburg, FL.

Personal testimonies from Holocaust and other World War II survivors help to ensure this turning point in human history is not forgotten. By listening to survivors tell their stories, the audience can relate the real-life experiences of these individuals to the history.

The problem is that there are fewer and fewer survivors left to give their testimonies. Also, those still alive often do not want to talk about their past, and others are sometimes unable to tell their story due to physical and/or other health limitations.

Roslyn Franken is carrying the torch for future generations by sharing her parents’ inspiring story of survival, love and triumph through her important work as a professional speaker and author of Meant to Be. Check for her book in libraries and in holocaust museums.

For more information or to schedule Roslyn to speak, contact or call her agent Liz Mitchell (843)902-4799.

Welcoming Maria Wall

Introducing award-winning producer, author, talk show host and domestic violence/abuse survivor C. Maria Wall. She is available now for your event at your location or via Skype or blog talk radio!maria new

 C. Maria speaks about Healing through Hurt. Her emphasis is on developing self esteem and finding the healing. Attracting listeners worldwide, she encourages interaction and is rapidly building a worldwide fan base of those who turn to her soft voice and understanding nature. Sharing her own story of abuse, she knows and shows the route to healing.

As founding president of the non-profit The Wall Foundation, Inc. Maria has developed programs for girls and women. Topics include artistic expression, public speaking and many other areas aiding in developing self esteem and road maps for success.

Author of Silent Noise Lip Service that describes the hurts of life presented in poetic form, Maria has brought her life journey full circle in this book and her new book A Woman of Wisdom and Worth Messages to Myself, both full of messages of her journey and those of others while she continues her purpose-filled walk in preparation to let her past go.

Ask us to learn more about C. Maria and her award-winning shows and programs. She is looking forward to helping you find your F.O.C.U.S Her motto reminding women of all ages: Stop putting up with the cream of the crap, because we deserve better.

Ready, Set, LET’S GROW! with C. Maria Wall


Guest post from Carole Spiers, 

author of Show Stress Who’s Boss!

Contact us if you need a great speaker on Stress Management!

CEO, Carole Spiers Group [London]
International Stress Management & Employee Wellbeing Consultancy
Chair, International Stress Management Association [UK]

An American study of patients with cardiac problems appears to show a significant improvement when stress-management training forms part of their treatment.

A group undergoing exercise-based cardiac rehab was split into two, with one half also receiving anti-stress interventions such as techniques for relaxation and coping under pressure. Those patients were found to have a 50 percent lower risk of complications like heart attacks and strokes. Another similar group who did not take the exercise programme, but received the stress reduction training, showed a 40 percent lower risk than those who took neither.

This was only a small-scale study, with no opportunity to evaluate the anti-stress interventions individually, or to investigate reasons why some patients had rejected exercise-based rehab. And stress management is not a curative therapy. But the findings do suggest that this approach could help improve cardiac rehab programs.

“Given that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., this could represent a new treatment that will help us reduce the impact of this disease,” said Dr. Eric Aldrich, a researcher in neurology and rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. (As reported in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.)

  •  ·         Cardiac patients were taught how to relax and cope with pressure
  • ·         The anti-stress training was found to cut heart problems by 40%-50%
  •  These findings may be used to improve cardiac rehab programs

Educating the educated

Commentary from our friend  David H. Brown who is an accomplished author and experienced speaker:

About 20 years ago, when I was an adjunct professor at Montgomery College, I was asked to teach a continuing education course to about 20 high school teenagers who were elite students.  I forget the subject, but I remember asking them, “Who is your idol?”  Of course the responses ran the gamut – with one startling omission.  Not one mentioned a parent.  I wonder whether the same would hold true today.
    Those who know me well expect some “sermon” on education.  This is no exception.  There are those who recall I did a survey of 9 Ohio colleges asking students and professors what each thought of the other.  That was in 1959.  I don’t think much has changed, except for the classroom use of electronics.
    My beef is that too much of education today seems to still be straight up-and-down like 6:00 or 12:30, when it should be wider like 9:15 or 3:45.  What’s missing in this picture?  The answer is one word – Why?  Why did I learn long division? Why did I have to read novels?   Why did I have to memorize dates in history?
A companion is this — What did I learn from my courses?  The answer is one word – relevancy.
    My approach to this is something I have said before but bears repeating.  When I reported for work as a copy boy at The Cleveland Press, Associate Editor Norm Shaw said, “Forget everything you learned in college.  We’ll teach you our way.”
    Did you enjoy all those courses you took in public school and beyond?  Is there one teacher whom you feel made a difference in your life and could rate the title of “idol?”  Did you ever thank that person? Did you ever thank your parents for guiding you through your early years, or did you do it on your own?
    Have you instilled the love of learning into your progeny?  Do you encourage them never to stop learning? Did you emphasize grades over what they learned? Are you your progeny’s “idol?”
    I feel too much classroom instruction is still linear because textbooks are linear.  Did you or your progeny ever take more than one class in analytical thinking?  Too many “teachers” spend too much time getting through a course based on how many chapters in the text book have to be covered, and the tests reflect that.  I feel more textbooks should be written by top people in that subject field, and not by academics for their advanced degrees.  And, more of those top people should give back to students the lessons they have learned.  Call it a reality check.
    Yes, I have pulled an Obama and sermonized.  But, I did not want to Simonize education.  When we stop learning, we stop living.
    Determined Dave

An Ode to Alzheimers

An Ode to Alzheimers

By Andreann Geise
There are no words to describe such pain, to live the life through the eyes of a dying soul
I have become the eyes, ears, body and mind.

I take care of her every need, it is not by choice but by love that I do this, but the price is endlessly tragic.

There is no rest for me, no moments of peace, I am tortured day and night by the knowledge of what will inevitably be the end and terrified of the many horrible paths that may lead there.

There is no time stamp to tell me when this will all come to an end or what will be left of me when it does.

Each day I feel further and further from the person I was, forever changed by what I see her going through and by the solitude that we both live.

People keep their distance, its not contagious but it is too much reality for most.

It is too much reality for me but it is the path that I must follow, and the further down it I travel the more alone I feel.

Time does not stand still and these long days and nights will never be given back to me.

I can not do for myself in order to tend to her requirements. My body, my mind deteriorating as I neglect my own needs.

The future I planned for is now but a faint memory, a pipe dream of sorts.

Life does not wait for anyone.

The gifts I had been given, my intellect, my strength are all fading and I have no means to keep them from doing so.

All my time all my energy is used up, the sadness of the situation beats me down.

I am not the only causality of this war, my husband suffers too, his love for me keeping him as shackled as I am.

This disease has not just taken my mother but it has taken our lives as well.

I never could have imagined such a torture, every day we loose something else. The loss we have is physical, emotional, financial and eternal.

Meet the Most Read Author in South Carolina



2016_Golf_Trivia_Cover 2016_bible_Trivia_Cover

Wilson Casey is called the MOST-READ writer from the Carolinas with over a yard of traditionally published works and nationally syndicated column in over 500 papers!

Wilson Casey, a.k.a. The Trivia Guy, is one of the world’s foremost trivia aficionados and professional fact-checkers, researchers and content providers with a syndicated column, an award-winning website (, and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running (thirty hours) radio trivia broadcast in which he correctly identified the answers to 3,333 consecutive trivia questions.

Current events in Spartanburg, SC include:

October 22 Roast of retiring Lou Parris

November 7 Ruritan Club regional Meeting

January 14 Author talk

Ask us for details or to schedule him for your event.