Grumps is 106 years young…and he travels sometimes with Rob Hartley who is an international speaker as well as author. Rob has a mission to bring awareness to those with life challenges.

Recently I watched PBS News Hour Channel with Judy Woodruff Anchor StoryAbout hearing a call for hiring those with disabilities.

Rob stopped by… As he was heading to fly out and speak in Washington. You will never guess who might be some of his interesting traveling companions that may have TSA not sure what they were seeing as baggage went through…Brian, Emily and Rabbit Sign Language Dolls plus Grumps. I took their photos before he headed to the airport to his speaking event.

Sign language dolls a hit!

Tidbits about Rob Hartley
International Speaker
Author of “Love of My Pet” being released in a few weeks by Morgan James Publishing

Rob Hartley is “THE ULTIMATE OUT OF THE BOX EXPERT”…Not Any Ordinary Guy!

 Author
 Entrepreneur
 Motivational Speaker
 Started an All Blind Bowling League who became National Champions
 Creates Licensed Characters
 Mastermind behind the Sign Language Dolls Project donated to Deaf Schools across the Nation on Valentine’s Day
 Writes the Blog for Thelma The Guide Dog website
 Ventriloquist
 Heart for those with Disabilities

Meet Rob Hartley

First Sign Language Dolls Donated to Deaf Children

Thelma the Guide Dog gave paws of approval to the first signing dolls for the deaf.. She has dedicated her life to supporting the blind. She recently expanded her efforts to the deaf by coordinating the donation of signing dolls to every deaf school in America.

Thelma’s objective is to have every deaf child in the world with a signing doll in the next three hears. She has aligned herself with local Lion’s Clubs across the United States and with every deaf school in the nation.

Thelma’s human support comes from Rob Hartley, and sometimes she uses his creativity. Hartley has hosted a radio show for six years, has created licensed characters and collaborated with many companies as a creative consultant as well as speaking in front of more than a half million people. Also, he created an all blind bowling league which became national champions. He is the only person in the world to bowl four 24-hour bowling marathons non-stop while averaging over 208.

Thelma’s website is ThelmaTheGuideDog, and their publicist is

Speakers International is proud to introduce Thelma and the rest of the gang. Please contact us to discuss your programming opportunities for Rob and Thelma for corporate programs anywhere in the world.