David H. Brown Releases New Novel: Next in Line to the Oval Office

   Next in Line to the Oval Office There have been a gazillion books, movies, TV shows, etc. about the White House and the presidency.  Now comes the first one focusing on succession to the Oval Office beyond the Vice President.
    Never in U.S. history has anyone but a Vice President replaced a President.  But, what if during the inauguration ceremonies explosions at the west portico of The Capitol kills among others the incoming and outgoing Presidents and Vice Presidents?
    A 1947 law designates the Next in Line to the Oval Office, which is the title of this first-of-a-kind novel.  The Speaker of the House is about to be sworn in but suffers a stroke and cannot take the Oath of Office.  After him comes the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, but before he can be sworn in, the House quickly meets and elects a new Speaker.  She is sworn in, and the Senator vows revenge.
    There are twin plots to this novel: (1) Intrigue at the White House and on Capitol Hill; and, (2) Who was behind the explosions and why.  Just for kicks, there is a Deep Throat II (a reminder of the Watergate Era).  There are enough twists and turns to remind one of O. Henry, and enough excitement to make a film or a television movie.
    One critic said, “You’re not likely to put it down.”  Another said, “This has the strong possibility to be to political thrillers what John Grisham is to the legal ones.”
    Author David H. Brown already is working on a sequel that picks up where this book leaves off, For this novel, he called on his nearly 15 years as an Ohio newspaper reporter, and his 24 years as a government public information officer.  Until his death in December 2012, Sen. Daniel Inouye was the President Pro Tempore, and lived in the same condo building in North Bethesda, MD as Brown.
    Since his retirement from government in 1991, Brown has written seven other books: three fiction, four non-fiction, and a memoir.  He can be reached at grumpsflmd@aol.com.David H. Brown
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