Natalie Daise Tells Stories

Natalie Daise will be featured at the BIG Storytelling Festival in Beaufort, SC April 11-14. She is available for professional storytelling for events anywhere in the world as well as for workshops and programs especially for educators on creativity and the art of storytelling.
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Scan for Natalie’s web page to learn more about her topics.

The Liars Competition @ the BIG Story Fest is an esteemed gathering of those who shoot the breeze with the greatest of ease.Lies are good natured tall tales (either fictional or embellished truth). Some examples include “golf lies,” “used car lies,” “political lies,” “fishing lies” and many more. Lies must be a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 5 minutes.

The competition is now closed to registration. See following details for scheduled presentations open to the public.

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