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“A great evening of entertainment, education, and mystification.”

-Robert Stone, Audience Member


The CardShark is a live, interactive, sleight-of-hand show. Venture into the world of The CardShark and you will dive deeply into the arts of deception.  You won’t believe your eyes as The CardShark…

  • Demonstrates how sleight of hand amazes and deceives
  • Exposes how con artists fleece unsuspecting victims
  • Pulls the curtain back on the ways fortune tellers weave their hypnotic spell
  • And teaches a lesson on why you shouldn’t play cards with strangers

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to partner with an expert card cheat, to peer into the future, or to control the outcome of your own destiny, you’ll never forget the experiences you have with The CardShark.

“FANTASTIC show with something for everyone.”

-Nelson Griswold, Bottom Line Solutions – Client


The CardShark is a charismatic, mysterious, and debonair figure who is a master of sleight of hand.  He uses his two hands, ten fingers, cleverness, and a deck of playing cards to entertain and educate his audiences about the devious practices of the con man, the charlatan, and the cheat.

When you spend time with The CardShark you’ll experience the seedy underbelly of a sometimes dangerous world in a safe and wickedly funny way.

Sophisticated.  Fascinating.  Disarming.  Intense.  Sexy.

How will you describe your time spent with The CardShark?



-John Pyka, Producer


Are You Ready to Experience The CardShark?

The CardShark Show is best experienced in a formal setting with guest’s full attention.

For groups holding an event in an informal setting where guests will be mingling, The CardShark Atmospheric Entertainment is the best way to enjoy The CardShark.

For audiences who crave a completely unique experience, The CardShark delivers in spades.

“I highly recommend this show to anyone!”

-Jacob Lindsey, Audience Member



Which CardShark Service Best Fits Your Group?

CardShark, The Show – A one-of-a-kind, interactive performance that dives deep into the arts of amazement and deception. Perfect for intimate groups that want to experience the shadowy world of scammers, gangsters, and card cheats in a safe and wickedly funny way.

Recommended For: Groups up to 52 people, parlour/reception room setting, up to 60 minutes, interactive.
Private VIP Appearances – When Jason Michaels makes an appearance at your event, expect the room to be filled with amazement, laughter, and awe. A master at weaving stories with expert at sleight of hand, The CardShark will give your guests stories to tell for the rest of their lives!

Recommended For: Unconventional Groups, receptions/hospitality settings/trade shows, private poker room, or other intimate setting based on your needs.
An Evening with The CardShark – Designed for large groups. Experience a unique evening of interactive mysteries and hilarious, true stories of con artists, fortune tellers, and underhanded magicians.
Recommended For: Large groups up to 500 people and more, ballroom/mainstage setting, 30-45 minutes, interactive, story based humor, Q&A.

Corporate Casino Night – Special Attraction – While Blackjack and Poker tables are commonplace at such events, this night has a reserved corner that no has ever seen before. The CardShark holds court – giving guests the opportunity to be swindled, conned, and flat out lied to – all in the spirit of grabbing a glimpse into a part of history that is unsavory, tempting, and seductively attractive.
Recommended For: Fundraisers, corporate and association events, and other gatherings that feature a casino night. Standing room for up to 30 guests at a time with a rotation cycle of about 7-10 minutes.

Cigars, Cognac, and Cons – An Evening of Deception – Premium cigars, V.S.O.P, and a cast of con artists await your group in this fully themed event. Your guests will meet and interact with an expert of the 3-Card Monte, a gypsy fortune teller, and other professional deceivers. The night will be topped off with a stage performance by The CardShark that promises to impress and intrigue even the most discriminating guest.

Recommended For: Private affairs for guests who have seen it all and are secretly waiting for something that will truly surprise and inspire. Group size between 10 and 100 will all be engaged at the highest level.

Jason customizes his skills for every appearance, which includes VIP groups, main stage entertainment, keynote presentations, meet-and-greets, and atmospheric entertainment.

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