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David is an outstanding leader, an exceptional teacher, who has a very powerful message!”Jonathan Holloway –  Dean of Yale.

“I’ve known the Holloway family for over 30 years… they are leaders among their peers, grounded in strong family values of discipline, hard work, integrity, and love for their country” – General Colin Powell


David A. Holloway is a compelling keynote speaker, author, and business leader.

Today, he brings the most important messages, and his compelling story, to leaders who are committed to an extraordinary future — and for organizations who must outperform the competition and win.

The “Ultimate Underdog” Story:

 From the very beginning David was fortunate to have grown up around leaders and world-class competitors.  He was born on a game day, where his All-Pro father’s New England Patriots were victorious. On that day he was soon greeted by his maternal grandfather, two-time NHL champion with the Boston Bruins, Johnny “Pie” McKenzie.

Later on David also wanted to play sports, but in the beginning – he was labeled “too small, too slow, and too weak.” Despite all the obstacles he made a declaration to never stop dreaming big.

He walked on at the University of Maryland and started out on the 6th team who couldn’t even get into practice. He later rose to become one of the all-time greats, a record holder, leader of one of the best defenses in Maryland history and team captain.

He continued onto the NFL where he made an immediate impact. He was nicknamed Superman by his team 14 days into his pro career.

While in Arizona he helped completely turn the losing culture around in record time. Building the foundation of a winning culture that took the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl, for the first time in franchise history. That winning culture is still intact today.

david game

David is more than just another pro athlete – he is an engaging speaker, an expert on leadership, peak performance, and team building.

As an international and motivational futurist his speaking engagements reach tens of thousands of people worldwide. Giving audiences a look into the future of highly successful world-class competitors – who consistently outperform the competition.

His credibility and therefore bottom line results are based on the fact that turning around underperforming teams, building championships, and organizational transformation is something he’s done – rather than just talk about.david speaking

“Insightful, inspirational, motivational, articulate, compassionate, a great leader,” are just some of the words used consistently by participants to describe David.

David’s accomplishments have landed him appearances on ABC, NBC sports, ESPN, ESPN Classic, the 700 club, and featured coverage on USA Today and the Washington Post. He’s guest lectured at Yale and has been featured speaker at the Challenger Center.

 “We share a lot more than just, formerly, being the number 54 at the University of Maryland.”Kevin Plank CEO of Under Armor

 “David came to Maryland as a walk-on. With his lead we were able to do things that we have never been able to do before, and he left here as one of the best!” – College coach

David Holloway Speaking Highlights


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