Creating a Gypsy Cultural Center in the Ile-De-France, France

Shakespeare has written : It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness !

TERNE ROMA’s performances, the professional association created in 2007 by Miroslav GULYAS, dancer, actor,couturier, and his wife Marcela, dancer, singer and actress, express all the richness, the beauty and the generosity of their ancestral Gypsy culture. Its roots stem from ancient India, but it carries the memory of the many people and countries encountered during the course of centuries,wandering from East to West. The strength and seduction of this culture lie in its reconciliation of opposites, its openness to the world and others, its willingness to assimilate in an original synthesis various customs and traditions, all rooted in the pantheistic belief of a universal feminine power, a creative energy which is the source of all love, the Indian Shakti personified by Kali.

TERNE ROMA’s dancers, in their sumptuous costumes designed by Miroslav, look like exotic colourful flowers, butterflies with shimmering wings, brilliantly shining birds of paradise.Through their ethereal forms and gracious movements they convey all the passion and sensuality of the Orient, which vibrate in the spellbinding rhythm of the music, in the moving voice and songs of Marcela. Miroslav speaks in a lovely way of the Gypsy women’s innocence ( pudicité !),beautiful, seductive and sensual, without any sexual connotations. In a materialistic age,permissive of the body but puritanical of the heart and of the spirit, they stand for timeless and exalted femininity. Their beauty and poetry speak directly to the soul and touch the heart, more potent and more eloquent than words or vociferous claims.

TERNE ROMA is above all a family story, not only because of Rébecca and Jean-Sébastien,Miroslav and Marcela’s children, but because it gathers in the company all the various aspects of the Gypsy culture : Manouche, Gitan, Sinti, Yenish, Kalderash. It is the aim of LA MAISON DELA CULTURE TSIGANE ET GENS DU VOYAGE DE FRANCE to promote the richness of the Gypsy culture as a whole in welcoming all its diversity, and to act as a link between all the various ethnic communities in France at the regional, national and international level.

MONIQUE RICCARDI-CUBITT, art historian and journalist, author, poet and lecturer, is the project’s coordinator. It sums up all her action in favour of the Gypsy culture since 2010.Stéphane Hessel described her as such : Moving poetess and precious defenderess of all essentialcauses.

A fund-raising campaign for the creation of the cultural centre is on line on the crowdfunding site ULULE :


Email : arcadiamundi@yahoo.frTel : +33 (0) 1 43 31 33 76 Portable : +33 (0) 6 14 63 18 2


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