Dr. LaSharnda

Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith is an empowerment advocate, life coach, motivational speaker and leadership expert.

Following her love of motivating and encouraging people through development, she established The Beckwith Group, an organization that focuses on developing the personal and professional skills of others.  For those seeking personal development, she offers one-on-one counseling, mentoring (she is a certified mentor with the Menttium Group). She also coaches on personal style, behavior modification and positive attitude.  For those seeking professional development, Dr. LaSharnda is certified in Myer's Briggs Indicator Type through the Center for Applied Psychological Type and can help you understand your natural state and how that influences or inhibits your ability to lead others and succeed. 

She can help you understand you. Her philosophy is simple, in order for anyone to experience happiness & success in their personal or professional lives, there must be a fundamental change in attitude and a re-conditioning of one's mindset.  One cannot be or think negatively and expect positive results.  Neither can one continue doing the same old things and expect different results.

Dr. LaSharnda has a spiritual and altruistic side that she believes all people should embrace. She believes in giving back and helping others to achieve their dreams and goals. She believes in volunteer work and charity, thus she established Professional Christian Women in Service (PCW)  a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, specializing in personal development for those seeking to understand how to become financially stable and independent, how to dress for success and how to bring their self-worth to the surface.

She holds several degrees and certifications:  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organization and Management with a Leadership specialization. Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Arts in Business Management, and Bachelors of Professional Studies.

She holds two lifetime certifications: Certified Management Professional and Certified Project Manager.

Dr. LaSharnda is a radio personality. Her show is "Living Happy Everyday with Dr. LaSharnda" and can be heard on www.LAtalkradio.com, channel 1 every Saturday. Her purpose is to share strategies and techniques to overcome barriers, build self-confidence and enhance self-esteem. She and her expert guests share ways in which one can grow personally and professionally. Her show ties to the book she released in June 2011, When You're Happy With You, a book that has received great reviews from her readers and has caused her to be a well sought after speaker. Her book can be reviewed online at many of the popular book stores.

In addition to having corporate experience that spans more than 25 years, she's an adjunct professor that teaches in the areas of leadership, human resources and management. Dr. LaSharnda is a multi-talented phenomenon and is one who creates connection with her listening audience. You are bound to have fun while learning from this professional.

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