Hugh Thompson

Hugh Thomson, a leading expert on the Incas and Hiram Bingham, is himself an explorer whose discovery of Inca ruins has made headlines around the world.   His book The White Rock was acclaimed by the New York Times.  He presents a portrait of a man whose inspirational leadership and ability to lead a team resulted in the archaeological find of the century. 

He speaks on Hiram Bingham:  a great American hero. Hiram Bingham is often said to be the swashbuckling model for Indiana Jones. The centenary of his discovery of Machu Picchu was 2010.









Hugh is the author of a series of books published byWeidenfeld & Nicolson: The White Rock, Nanda Devi and  Cochineal Red:  Travels through Ancient Peru.His most recent book is Tequila Oil, a memoir about ‘getting lost in Mexico'. It was serialised by Radio 4 as their Book of the Week, and shortlisted for the Dolman Travel Book Prize.ugh has contributed feature length articles to the Times, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Observer, Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Independent, Mojo and Harpers & Queen, among many other publications.  He is also a regular book-reviewer for the Independent. 


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