Simon Branston

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The Golden Thread - What is the secret to a successful organization?

Organizational Purpose - Why does any organization exist?

Human Stock Value - Do you really value your employees?

Employee Disengagement - Why are the majority of your employees not engaged in your organization?

Total Rewards - Are you wasting money on rewarding your employees?

Leadership - What are the six most successful leadership styles?

Informed Intuition - What makes you an expert in your organization?

Expertitis - Who are the experts that your organization needs to succeed in the future?

Big Society - How should you and your organization make a difference?

"Leveraging potential to transform business results"

Simon Branston is a highly accomplished speaker and seminar leader who has gained international recognition for his expertise in enabling government and organizations to implement change and embed best practice.

His drive and infectious enthusiasm create high energy levels and engagement for his audiences. Simon's anecdotes and approaches draw on 15 years extensive experience of speaking and working with leading politicians, industry and NGOs.

Simon is a leading expert in designing, developing and delivering executive learning. He has established accredited industry best practice learning academies, government regulated exam boards and suites of qualifications to improve business performance.

In addition to his speaking, he has been filmed for the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics; his best practice programs presented to World Skills Leaders in Helsinki; and Simon was invited by London's Imperial College to deliver a paper and speak about "Creating Added Value Organizations" at its International HRM Conference.

To support your organization succeeding in the future, Simon identifies what the most successful organizations do and provides tools and techniques to:

ü  Accelerate buy-in and results from organizational change processes

ü  Raise the value of your business

ü  Model your business at its best

ü  Get the best from your leaders and employees

ü  Increase revenue through employee and customer engagement

ü  Design a new compelling business objective

ü  Capture and embed excellence and best practice

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