Monique Riccardi-Cubitt

Countess Monique Riccardi-Cubitt speaks French, Italian and English. She has published a reference book on cabinets and cabinet making in London, New York, Paris and Milan. A British author and journalist, she was the director of art history at Sothebys and  created her own Riccardi Institute of Art in London. She has travelled extensively in the Near and Middle East where she has lectured in Beirut at the American University and in Saudi Arabia at the National Museum in Rhyad.

She lives in Paris and writes poetry and essays in French. 

The Countess lectures for antique clubs, museums and cultural associations on art and antiques as well as on lifestyle and Mediterranean culture. She recently debated and lectured in Paris during the Festival of Poetry.

She also speaks on current political issues in France and in Europe. 

See samples of her work here.  

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The Ship Of Fools
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