Robb White

Robb White founded the Robb Report, a magazine selling hundreds of millions of dollars of the very best the world had to offer to those who appreciated and could afford to buy the finest. From that initial publication, Robb's business has evolved as he expertly acquires luxury items, collectibles and properties. He has opened, purchased and sold several auction houses and learned the business. As a hobbyist, he buys and sells antiques and specialty items. As a businessman, his group assists in the sale of big-ticket items for clients. He specializes in recognizing excellence and delivers a program of interest to collectors including the finest of visuals. His private consultation and speaking engagements are offered internationally although limited to intimate groups for personal interaction. 

In this day and time, where stocks, even real estate, have lost value, Robb Partners buys alternative assets, below their true market value, from liquidating estates, then immediately sells them for a profit. After 40 years of buying and selling the very best the world has to offer Mr. White shares his wealth of knowledge with those who want security, appreciating a much higher than normal return.



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