Steven Frischling

Now available for keynotes, conference sessions or media interviews, a recognized travel expert speaks about the  industry for airline, airport and other travel executives or for the traveling public who appreciates the knowledge of an insider.

A travel strategist, Steven knows travel from his vast experience planning complicated and extensive travel during his successful photography career. He has flown a million miles during the past four years. He once flew around the world one and a half times within four and a half days. He's on a first-name basis with the airlines, literally inside and out.  He understands what works for the industry and for the flying passengers.

Steven knows travel!  He can customize a topic for your group.

Popular  new topics for consulting or speaking: 

  •   Emerging Media to get your organization up to speed

  •   Social Media to improve corporate-customer relations
  •     Happy Flying! 
o   For those who fly and those who want to fly smarter
o   For those in the seats or those who own the seats
o   How to develop corporate travel strategies for maximum efficiency
o   Creating individual travel solutions to address personal issues
o   All the facts about travel security and risk management 

  •   Moleskine Notebooks 
o   What you need to know about various airlines
o   Secrets the frequent traveler can use immediately
o   Exactly how and why to get organized for business travel
o   Free personal notebook included for each participant - really!

  •  Where's My Luggage?
o   How and why to travel light
o   No fashion consulting or packing tips - just the bare facts
o   A light look at the problems travelers can avoid

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