Peter de Jager

If you're facing Change because of the recession, a merger or other organizational challenges, then instilling a deeper understanding of the Change Process in both staff and management is crucial. While it's not possible to make all Change easy, it's always possible to make any Change easier. Peter de Jager's presentations are provocative, entertaining and immediately applicable and useful both from a Managing Change and a Coping with Change perspective.

A keynote presentation or workshop will be tailored to meet the needs of your staff, members and/or clients to make whatever Change you're facing easier and more likely to succeed. He also speaks on Problem Solving and Creativity plus a variety of management and communication topics. His presentations are humorous, interactive and provocative.

Peter has spoken in 37 countries and given more than 2,000 media interviews.  His monthly columns for a variety of publications worldwide reach more than one million readers.  


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