David H. Brown

See blog post on Brown's latest publication: Next in Line to the Oval Office

David H. Brown's new book recently was reviewed online in Bookviews by Alan Caruba:

David H. Brown, has penned a classic mystery, Murder at 250 Center Street, ($15.99, Author House) with a plot that has so many twists and turns you will not want to stop reading. From abandoned newborn fraternal twins found in an apartment building basement after eight days, to their teenage mother being shot to death shortly after delivery, to a lapse of two decades when the murder weapon is found, the story just rockets along, buoyed by a great cast of characters, more deaths, a bizarre trial, and much more. They used to call such a novel a pot boiler because the lid was sure to blow at any moment. Treat yourself to this one.

Brown's recent blog post: "The Gulf between the White House and Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida."

Brown's comments on airport INSECURITY are published in the documents available here: 

"Airline Passenger Screening" 
"Airport Insecurity As You May Never Had Known Before" and "Airport Insecurity II." 

Review his regular socio-political commentary in documents published here: 
"Bill for Healthcare Reform Has to Come Due"
"Consider these Questions"

Brown has written two books on airport security laying the blame for 9/11 at the doorstep of the Federal Aviation Administration.  Brown was the press officer on a 9-member FAA task force that developed a screening system during 1969-70 that not only was tested and verified at 9 airports, but also was blessed by the American Civil Liberties Union and ruled constitutional by a Federal Court judge.  This never-before-told behind-the-scenes story will make you wonder why you have to go through sometimes humiliating searches prior to your flights.
Brown, a public speaker for half a century, relates this saga in a dynamic way.The task force's work is fully documented in FAA Manual AM-78-35 that contains prophesies about potential future hijacking that were so on target.
Learn how the FAA changed the sequence of that early screening system that enabled the 9/11 hijackers to board their kamikaze flights.  The system was based on nearly two dozen characteristics that formed a "profile" to be used as the first step in the screening process.  Testing showed that no more than 2 percent of the flying public fit enough of that "profile" to be more thoroughly searched and interrogated.  The FAA ignored that, and instead decided to search every passenger first before applying the "profile."  The book states that had that three decade-old "profile" still been the first step in airport security, those hijackers should never been allowed to board.
Brown, who was commended for his work with the news media, was an Ohio newspaper reporter for nearly 15 years before beginning a 24-year career as a government public information officer.  He worked at the Department of Justice, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Government Printing Office, from which he retired in 1991.  Afterward, he became an adjunct professor of speech at a local community college, where he also taught journalism.  In 1995, he published a book on speaking anxiety titled, I Would Rather Be Audited By The IRS Than Give a Speech, which was cited by The Wall Street Journal.
In 1976, he founded and was first president of the 900-member National Association of Government Communicators.  Besides having written a multitude of professional articles,  five of his talks have been published in Vital Speeches of the DayHe earned a bachelor's degree in journalism, with a minor in speech.  His master's degree is in journalism.  He is listed in several editions of Who's Who.

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