Barbara Reuer

Want a percussive PRENOTE?
Barbara's dynamic edutainment awakens the senses like reveille
and drums up audience receptivity to new encounters.

Want a kinetic KEYNOTE?
Barbara's upbeat themes set the pitch and synchronize
the rhythm throughout wellness and leadership audiences.

Want an engaging ENDNOTE?
Barbara's spirited interactive finales bring harmonious cadence
to group events. Warning: save room for an encore!

Barbara's presentations are MUSIC TO THE EARS . . .
Barbara steps up to the podium and performs verbal virtuosity as you'd expect of a board-certified music therapist with 25 years of clinical research and hands-on experience gained in medical and psychiatric settings, public schools, community colleges and universities. But it's her warmth and charisma, refined during her 15 years as an award-winning entrepreneur, that are instrumental in captivating and convincing listeners outside academia and medical science that making music not only heals but maintains health and even creates newfound wholeness.

Orchestrating audiences who have little or no musical background, Barbara conclusively proves that music is an intuitive multi-tasking power tool that can harmonize and electrify work groups (leadership), deliver decrescendo to the stressed and grieving (coping skills), groom the codependent for solo performance (behavior modification), and access vocabulary long locked in the memory banks of patients diagnosed with dementia (skill recovery).

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